Saturday, October 29, 2011

Flash Sale Shoppers Beware!

While procrastinating instead of working on a paper due Monday, I found this article from the New York Times warning about blind faith in flash sale sites like Gilt or RueLaLa.

The takeaway point is to double-check prices with sites like or because they are often cheaper than on flash sale sites. However, all these kinds of websites tend to be cheaper than the original retail price in store or merchandise ordered from the vendor directly. An easy way to double check prices is to search for the item name and brand in Google, then click "Shopping Results for X".

I've had a similar experience with Salemail. I wanted some BCBG pumps on sale, listed at about $50. I decided to Google them on a whim and found them for $20 on! They ended up being too big so I gave them to my friend Miranda as a Christmas present, but they were really nice:

Happy shopping!

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