Monday, October 31, 2011

Lady in Red

Perhaps it won't come as a big surprise that my favorite color is red. Crimson, scarlet, vermillion, all these shades make me really happy. So do shoes. And for whatever reason, red boots have been on my mind for fall. I think they would make a fun, peppy statement which wouldn't be too loud if done in a burgundy or cherry red for day time, and a great statement at night time if done right. What do you guys think?

This pair named "Lady in Rad" from ModCloth is just darling and only $39.99. My inner, fashionable Robin Hood really wants these:

Although to be honest I'm not sure about the length of the boot shaft. According to the details, it's 7.5" in height.

This pair named "Jordan" from LuckyBrand via is more subdued and better for kicking around in all types of weather. It will set you back $71.99 but I love the brass accent on the heel:

This next pair called Mavenue is from Nine West and I can only find it in this color ("Burgundy Suede") from their website.  They're on sale for $104.30--why that extra $0.30 is necessary I'm not sure, but they'd be a sexy statement for either day or evening. They have an inside zipper in the same burgundy tone on the other side. If anyone wants to get me an early Christmas present I would recommend these. Oh, by the way, I'm a size 8 ;).

Next up is "Paully" by a brand I've never heard of--Lumiani. Also via, these are $64.99 and while they're not what I would choose to wear, they do look like they could work with anything from a conservative style to a more artsy, eclectic look:

This next pair is a purrrfect (yes, I went there) blend of fun and sexy! The "Qupid Porter Bootie" from DSW would definitely add a lot of sass to your night on the town and is totally affordable at $44.95! If you are thinking of getting me two Christmas presents...I'm still a size 8, hahah.

But I've been favoring boots that don't come up to the knee so far. To round things out, I'm going to give you two boots I totally approve of in red that show it is possible to do a tasteful red boot. And then one example of something you should never, ever wear unless it's your first day working the night shift.

First up Via Spiga's Piper Boot from Nordstrom. Expensive at $249.90 (which is 30% off I might add), it is a great example of a classy, restrained, and fitted red knee-high boot. 

On the really high end of the scale is MiuMiu's super sleek, sexy (and sensibly named) Two-Tone Suede Boot available at Nordstrom. While I covet these, they are totally out of my college girl budget at $990. I'm really digging this two-tone combo though. For those of you with sticker shock, it does make sense that Miuccia Prada's (yes, that Prada) other brand would have very high price points: 

Finally, as promised, what not to wear:

You may be surprised to find out, as I was, that these "Blondey Boots" come from none other than Nine West! Originally retailing at $168.00, you can find them at the very affordable price of $39.99 at

There, all done obsessing over red boots (for now). Hopefully you're inspired to go out and get a pair of your own (or buy me a pair!). If you do get a pair, let me know and I'll feature them in this post =). 

Resisting any jokes about painting the town red...happy shopping!

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