Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas Shopping

Hello everyone, I hope you had a Merry Christmas or a restful federal holiday!

Today was the first day I ever went shopping after Christmas, but it was mom's idea and being the fashion-lover that I am I thought it would be fun. It was! We only went to two stores: DSW and Macy's. DSW had some things I liked but they just weren't comfortable--I'm all about comfortable shoes. Sacrificing comfort for fashion is totally unnecessary in my opinion, and if you hunt around enough you can find great shoes at good prices that are also comfortable. I'm pretty picky about all of my clothes but especially my shoes, so admittedly it takes me longer than most. However, today at Macy's I found a pair that will match anything through fall and winter because of the color blocking. Trendy and useful! The chunky heel is also not too chunky but is definitely sturdy enough that I'll be able to walk however many blocks to work next year and not be miserable. I'm pretty sure these might be man repellent, but I'm not concerned about it, hahah.

The Lil MaryJane by Nine West:

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