Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Gifts Part II

Hi everyone,

Back to the promised Christmas gifts. For now, this post is going to be a girl-centric one, but the next one will be a general gift guide.

I've been having a hard time finding presents that are something other than jewelry, purses,  etc. that aren't TERRIBLE. Seriously, who wants a market bag when you can buy one at Kroger? Or a leg roller massager that looks totally useless or a GROCERY LIST MAKER, "for when you just aren't spending enough time working to provide for your family, here's something that will complicate the simple task of making a grocery list BUT IT IS A GADGET SO IT WILL BE FUN!"

So I've kept it simple and pretty. This post is going to focus on jewelry and leather goods/purses. I've tried to pick things I think are objectively attractive, so even if I thought something was super cool and avant-garde and I'd totally like it, I kept it to things that I think most any girl would like (and that I would like too).

A quick note on what accessories/clothes NOT to buy women: belts, hats, socks, and pants. Belts can imply that she needs to keep her pants up higher, or that she's chubby and you'd like her to emphasize her waist more. Only if she has specifically said she would like a belt are you to go buy her a belt (the only exception to this being Hermes belts). Hats are really tricky to size and also find a shape and style appropriate for your face. She also might not like to wear hats, much less belts, period. Socks--totally boring. They say "I'm unimaginative and didn't try at all." Pants...just a strange present, and also really hard to find in the right size. Shirts, blouses, even dresses in the right cut are a thumbs up. Scarves are definitely always a hit, and shoes are okay if you include a gift receipt and get the right size. There is an easy way to figure out her shoe size: look in her closet. However, don't try to buy her heels based on her running sneakers. Girls may wear different sizes for different types of shoes, so if you're trying to get her flats, look at some she already has; if you're trying to buy her stilettos, look at the highest pair of heels she has in her closet. Now then, back to what TO buy!

First up, I love this ring from Kate Spade on sale for only $39.99. (A tip for ring buying: size does matter. If your lady has, what seem to you, to be unusually slender fingers then this ring won't fit her because it only comes in sizes 6-8. If you're unsure what her size is and she wears rings, just sneak one she doesn't wear much away to any store that sells jewelry (Macy's, Jared's, a jewelry appraiser) and ask them to size it for you. This is free, and they'll whip out what looks like a key ring but with long, tapered cylinders on it that are the different finger sizes and try the ring on them until it fits.) Anyway, here's the ring:

It's made of glass and 14kt gold, and it's so so lovely.

Next, also from Kate Spade, I couldn't resist this "A rose is a rose" tautological idiom bangle on sale for $44:

These coral earrings from Francesca's Collections are an oval shape that is universally flattering and are super affordable at $18:

The last jewelry item from Kate Spade is this ultra-trendy bow ring, that also comes in gold plating and clear plastic. It costs $39.99 on sale:

This 30" necklace for $32 from Francesca's Collections not only compliments the ring above it, but is a great gift for tall women and matches just about everything.

Getting super fancy now from Nordstrom's, on sale for $82.90, is this really pretty Nadri cubic zirconium bangle that is sure to stun anyone (in the best way possible). It's available in both rose gold (top) and gold (bottom):

Also really shiny and pretty, this unusual chandelier earring set from Nordstrom for $31.90 would make a wonderful present:

Changing gears a little bit, this lovely jewelry box from Anthropolgie on sale for $54.99 makes a sweet present on its own, but would also be an impressive, thoughtful way to present your gift and really show the time and thought you put into it. Presentation can be everything:

2.5" H x 4.5" W x 2" D

On to the leather goods and bags section now!

First up, if your lady has elegant, classic, and refined tastes, she'll definitely love this wallet from Kate Spade on sale for $75:

This green bag from Francesca's Collections is a fun and vibrant shade of green that can be worn across your body, on your shoulder, or carried by two straps. $54.00: 

Found on the Nordstrom's website, this wallet from Fossil for $32.90 comes in two adorable prints and is sure to be a hit--just make sure your lady doesn't already have a wallet (in good condition) that she loves/paid big bucks for and doesn't want to trade out yet:

Keeping with the color blocking trend that's going to be hot for spring and summer, this cross-body bag for $44.00 from Francesca's matches almost any outfit:

This $44.00 poppin' pink bag is too cute, and the gold chain sets off the fuchsia tone perfectly. Also from Francesca's:

Finally, if you don't feel comfortable picking something so personal for her, then LUSH always has amazing gift packages from $20.00 to ones like this one for $49.95 (and this one's for couples, even):

Included: Avobath Bath Bomb 6.3 Oz.Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) Massage Bar 2.2ozThe Olive Branch Shower Gel 3.3 Fl OzSnow Globe Soap 3.5 Oz,So White Bath Bomb 3.1 OzYou've Been Mangoed Bath Melt 1ozNone Of Your Beeswax Lip Balm 10g.

Or, for $22.95 from Lush something smaller and more feminine:

Included: Snow Fairy Shower Gel 3.3 Fl OzShimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar 1 OzAngel's Delight Soap 2.1oz.

Alright, that should give you guys enough to peruse for now. Part III coming soon, with ideas for men, parents, and general cool swag!

Happy shopping!

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