Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shinies! (aka Christmas Gifts Part I)

Shinies. Coveted, beautiful, sparkly things that girls love. With Christmas (the Holidays if you prefer) coming up, I'll definitely be talking about lots of different gift ideas, including nice homemade ideas. However, for this post I'm going to stick to gold jewelry.

Gold made a resurgence in popularity a few years ago and shows no signs of going away, much to my delight. I used to wear a lot of silver, but I've been very into gold since late high school and I'm on my second, shiny gold MK watch.

BCBG is doing a spectacular job of refined and affordable gold jewelry right now. They have some really nice dainty pieces as well, continuing the trend of minimalist statement necklaces and accessories. For this post, I'm just going to highlight BCBG, but stay tuned for different options soon. 

For now, though, SHINIES!

Heart Charm Necklace - $34.00

This delicate heart charm necklace is sweet without being twee and the clasp detail adds interest to an ordinary necklace clasp. The size lets it be very versatile because it won't take over an outfit, but the fact that it sits slightly off-center adds intrigue to what could be a very ordinary necklace:


These earrings are a fun, quirky design that's just abstract enough to pass as modern and artsy.  I'm also curious about what they'd look like if you wore them vertically instead of horizontally.


I really like this ring set because first, it's three gifts in one! Second, three metals together make for a cool effect in a stacked ring set. I actually have a similar one that I wear but instead of ninja-stars it is small flowers.  Third, ninja-stars. Who doesn't like them? These have a nice feminine hint to them with what looks to me like a burnished copper on the far right ring for a softer look and slightly rounded points on the stars. Fourth, the rings are adjustable to any finger which makes them a foolproof gift!

Enamel Bow Ring - $18.00

This ring is very feminine (it is a bow, after all) and I like the mix of white and gold, as well as the elevation of the bow that you can see in the second picture. Simple and cute!



This bangle is rose gold, which normally I don't like but it's such a simple piece that I think it would easily add a touch of class to any look. It also has an adjustable lobster clasp so it will fit most anyone. The best part about this bangle is the inscription on the inside that is engraved (in capital letters), "I love you to the moon and back." The inscription makes it a romantic present that is private at the same time. If you're interested in a gift of two bangles, BCBG also sells a similar bangle in gold that says (also in caps), "Fill every moment with love."


So these are my picks for presents out of BCBG's "Gold Crush" feature. My personal favorites (that is, the ones I could most see myself wearing) are probably the necklace, this bangle above, and the ninja-star ring set.  If you're interested in seeing more from BCBG's "Gold Crush" (which I really recommend checking out), including a really cool snake head belt, check it out here.

Happy shopping!

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