Friday, November 4, 2011

What's covered in Fur, Leather, and Lace?

What in the world could I want to talk about today with this sort of title? Well, coats. For this winter (and the next) coats with fur, leather, and lace accents are definitely "in" (props to the lovely Nancy for suggesting this subject). This summer at my internship in NYC I compiled a presentation with pictures from designers' winter runway show that illustrated this point.  It was used as a presentation for a conference of store managers and top sales associates to show them what was going to be hot for the winter (hah hah). Below are some of my favorite picks for this winter in a variety of styles and colors.

First up, Fabulous (Faux) Fur:

/Edit @ 3:40 pm 11/05/11

Ann Taylor is having a 50% off special on all faux fur! It's like the read my mind! And this coat (with 50% off is $124) with a detachable fur ruff is sooo beautiful I can't believe I missed it:

#1 "Manors and Etiquette" coat from Modcloth @ $189.99. I like this coat a lot as an example of an elegant fur statement that's very feminine without being overwhelming.

#2 is a mega fur statement called "Chevron Stripe Faux Fur Jacket" by a brand called Willow & Clay. It can be found at Nordstrom for $128. I really like this for some reason although it's totally over-the-top, but maybe that's why. It's also 3/4 length sleeves which add a retro touch and keep the fur from totally taking you over.

#3 from Bebe doesn't have a name really, but it makes up for it with a punchy red color and glossy black trim:

I have deliberately not included the ubiquitous fur vest in this post because while I think they are cute, they are totally impractical for more than three weeks of the year in Cambridge, MA and I refuse to advocate for cold arms. Similarly, I refuse to advocate Bear Arms:

"UGH I am SO MAD that they made me go full Chewbaca. This was not what I signed up for!"

Time for leather!

#1 is the "Leather Jacket" from Ann Taylor which I like because it's a nice example of mixing leather and normal fabric without overdoing either. If you want it, I recommend waiting for a sale since it's $398 right now.

#2 is the "Mackage Single-Breasted Coat" from Bloomingdale's. While expensive at $590, it does at least give a good idea of what I'm thinking when I mean leather accents:

#3 is the "Maria Stand Collar Coat" by Via Spiga whose boots were featured already on this blog. Also from Bloomingdale's, this coat is more affordable than the previous at $313 and comes in this color as well as black:

large image view

And last but not least, Lace:

#1 is the "Emmett Lace Trench Coat" for $488 by BCBG, which is just shy of being overdone but is still pretty. 

Example #2 comes from Asos, which is a great site if you haven't heard of it.  It's called the "Wool and Lace Jacket" by LiLee for Asos and it's pretty affordable at $129.38.

#3 I had a hard time finding without caving and showing you Valentino, who basically kicked off this whole trend with a host of fabulous lace coats, because I'm committed to showing you guys things you might actually be able to afford.  Unfortunately, attractive lace coats jump to $5000 pretty easily (Valentino). So I've compromised. Here's a Jason Wu for $2550 from Kirna Zabete, which I've never heard of before:

So there are my picks for coats that have nice fur, leather, or lace detail. I'm inspired now after all this hunting for nice coats to make a second post about colorful coats or particularly unique styles. That'll be tomorrow's project. 

Happy shopping!

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